Monday, 26 January 2015

A4 Copy Paper made from BAMBOO... yes, some grass was cut to make this paper... not a whole tree!!!

Chances are if you work in an office you printed out documents on some copy paper today. That paper has probably come from the usual source, wood. Countless trees are felled daily to feed our ever growing requirements for printing.

You should try converting to BAMBOO.

Yes we can supply you with A4 Copy Paper, made entirely from Bamboo. It's as white as Reflex type paper and prints just as well. But instead of taking an axe to a tree we're basically just taking the mower to the lawn because Bamboo is grass! And just like your lawn when you cut Bamboo it grows back within days or weeks. If you cut down a tree from the back yard and rip up the ground to get the roots out you all know how long it takes to regrow a tree of the same size!!!

It's not just time consuming but it takes a lot of water and pesticides to grow trees in commercial quantities. Bamboo doesn't require a lot of this and furthermore produces more oxygen than trees and absorbs more carbon. Encouraging the increased use of Bamboo and therefore increased cultivation can only be great for the environment, provided it is farmed appropriately.

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