Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thank God It's Friday..

One of the coldest mornings in a long time didn't halt the progress of the outer shell workers nearing the completion of their work... just a few more weeks of concreting outside and we can start moving stock across from Warehouse 1 and free up demands on storing goods in neighbouring warehouses.. a good problem to have as business continues to grow!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A new look for JMP

When i first came to JMP 11 years ago the company needed a new look. It needed a new logo and it needed a new website. That time has come again. The website update is in progress and will reflect the look and direction of our new logo.

JMP specialises in many product but our key areas are retail/eCommerce, export and cargo protection packaging, industrial packaging and food packaging.

In consultation with our UK design team we utilized colours that best represent these areas of business.

We chosen green for retail, blue for export, red for food and orange for industrial.

A truly more professional look and feel to reflect our ever growing business. We hope you like it.

Melbourne eCommerce Expo April 2013 - JMP eTailbag Stand

Below are some photos from JMP's stand at this years eCommerce Expo which was held in Melbourne during April.

JMP exhibited a wide range of eCommerce packaging products such as gift boxes, packing boxes and mailing tubes. However the key focus of the stand was our specially designed courier bag called the eTailbag.

Cherie Ross, Head of JMP's Online Packaging Division is the creator of the eTailbag which separates itself from standard courier bags.

The eTailbag has unique features such as a shopping bag type handle which adds to practicality and maneuverability and a double seal to allow the same courier bag to be used to send back any items that require return. Not only does this increase consumer confidence in the sellers services but also lessens the impact on the environment by reusing the same bag.

The eTailbag is also available with an inner bubble liner. Many eTailers are finding the bubble eTailbag not only protects their products better but also reduces their shipping rates compared to previously used cartons and the cost of the carton itself.

Monday, 6 May 2013

May Update - New Building

With some clear weather ahead the concreting has begun inside and once finished the outside areas will be completed...