Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Special

It's nearly December and the smell of Christmas is in the air. Quite often that smell is of a freshly cut Christmas tree nestling in the corner of your house or in some department store.

Fortunately most of these trees are grown on small farms, only cut down once a year and in relatively small numbers. In comparison, thousands and thousands of trees around the globe, including Australia's fragile forests are cut down every day causing untold damage to provide for our huge demand in paper.

Finally, there is an alternative to paper made from wood. JMP has managed to source a high quality white copy paper made entirely from bamboo.

Bamboo is a member of the grass family and grows at up to 10 times that of trees. It gives off more oxygen and absorbs more carbon. It does not require harmful pesticides and fertilizers to cultivate and uses very little water. It truly is the enviro-friendly paper choice.

For a limited time JMP is offering it's Frogprint brand of A4 Bamboo copy paper at below the price of Reflex paper, a well known product we all have probably used at some time. Frogprint is as bright and white as Reflex and can be used in the same printers and copiers with the same print results. But NO trees are touched to make bamboo paper!

For more information or to order please contact JMP Holdings or visit our homepage on the following link and download the order form....