Thursday, 23 August 2012

Container Liners Page Updated

JMP Holdings has updated its Container Liners webpage. Click on the link above to view the new page.

Extension Stage 2 Approved

As we approach Christmas we have received some good news from the council. Our proposed extension has been approved and we should see work begin in early 2013.

We have vacant land next door and will look to create a mirror image of our current warehouse, with an initial size of around 75%. The two sites will be connected allowing us to drive forklifts back and forth whilst protected from the elements.

We are also including another sunken container bay to cater for the increasing number of 20' and 40' shipping containers coming into our site every week.

The new extension will increase our storage capacity by about 3,500 pallets. The bulk of this demand has come from the growth of our online packaging business as we continue to secure supply contracts from some of Australia's biggest online retailers.

Below is an artist's (my amateurish photoshop skills) impression of the new development.